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w e l c o m e
------Jacky & Effendi's welcoming page!
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------Find back the menu page.
h i s t o r y
------How all was beginning, the first steps of Jacky & Effendi...
a b y s s i n i a n
------Definition, race, criterias all about the Abyssinian cat.
c a t s
------Who is Effendi, who is Jacky?
p i c t u r e s
------The pictures of Jacky & Effendi.
i n t e r a c t i v e
------The small interactive videos...
c a t ' s d a y
------What your cat is doing during the day? Some clues...
h e a l t h
------Some advices of 2 experts: Jacky & Effendi.
n e w s
------Be the first to know, the latest news...
h e l p
------You are lost? Don't panic, the help page is here.
e m a i l
------Contact your favourite cats!
m i c c i
------In tribute to our little Micci, grand-father of Jacky & Fendi.
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