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F E B R U A R Y--2004
A new part for the website...
you will find under the "links" category several web links concerning the Aby's world, but also about other animals...
You would like to add your website? Send us an email.
J A N U A R Y--2004
2 years !
Jacky & Effendi were 2 years-old on January the 17th & 22nd January 2004 !
For this special event, find new funny pictures, in the "Pictures" part.
D E C E M B E R- 2003
Merry X-Mas !
It's already X-Mas time !
Effendi and Jacky wish you a Merry X-Mas !
Come on in and enjoy the new videos of Effendi & Jacky. Soon it will be time for their gifts...
M A R C H- 2003
Winter Break !
Fendi's & Jacky's activities are slown down naturally because of the colder temperature. Both of them, are trying to struggle with the cold. Fendi has choosed the old Pull-Over tactic, Jacky the computer's one.
J A N U A R Y- 2003
1 year !
Jacky & Fendi, were on 17th & 22nd of January already 1 year-old! We were celebrating this event, and they were becoming a surprise:
A PLACE TO HIDE ON THE TOP OF THE TREE. Jacky & Fendi were dreaming of this, Santa Claus was coming to deliver it!
Now the two young teenagers have a place where to hide them, on the top of the tree!

D E C E M B E R- 2002
Videos !
You can find 2 new videos about Fendi & Jacky in the "Interactive" section of the website. The two lovely present a commercial for KitKat !!!
Click on the image ...
English version
How do you do?
Finally, Jacky & Fendi decide to translate their website in English ... they are still beginners, please forgive the mistakes!
S E P T E M B E R- 2002

Castration !
Fendi & Jacky were 8 months old recently, and it was coming with it the time of castration...
They were going to their favourite Veterinary, and with confidence were falling asleep ... after a long rest, Jacky & Fendi are "Ok". ALL WAS GOING FINE ! OUF, we are relieved.