Abyssinian cats are energyful... --> <--

you can only appreciate their qualities through interactive videos --> <--

Precise & agile...


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Fendi&Jacky : KitKat !
Fendi : the feline
Jacky & Fendi were deciding to make some publicity for KitKat. It's time to make a BREAK!
Fendi is an instinctive feline, always hanging around for a new prey, who's next?
Fendi : the Lion
Fendi : the jump
The Lion King and his incredible strong miaowing...
The risky jump ... from the sofa!
Fendi&Jacky : attack!
Fendi&Jacky : stop?
Successful attack. Fendi success to surprise Jacky. Retreat !?
Fendi&Jacky : rescued!
Jacky : revenge
Jacky is rescued by his Angel! Jacky takes revenge on the camera...

Jacky&Fendi : rest time
Jacky&Fendi : battle!
Jacky takes advantage of the situation...Fendi is sleeping. Jacky was believing he could defeat Fendi...