Like for all beautiful story...

Jacky & Effendi will please you with wonderful words and beautiful moments

Once upon a time...


FENDI & JACKY: Chapter I

Fendi is arrived on April 27th 2002,
like by odd coincidence his arrival correspond to the anniversary date of the disappearence of our old Micci cat.

After 3 visits to the breeder, Fendi was chosen without hesitation. Were following long months before to become our small heart.

Few hours by road later, Fendi arrived totaly excited, and his first reaction was to sniff in all the rooms of the appartment and to visit the toilets.

Later on, after to eat a little, Fendi was coming on the sofa and was beginning to make "Ron Ron" so loud and so strong that we could not imagine so a small heart would be so powerful.

Fendi at the end of the day was easy to habituate to his new place, electing our bed as his favorite place.
Fendi - 15 days old
Fendi - 1 month old
Fendi - 1 month and a 1/2
Fendi, the arrival !

Jacky is arrived on May 19th 2002,
some days after Fendi, what was not disturbing him to habituate easily to his new place and Best friend, like we will see later on.

The way for Jacky, from the breeder until his new home was a little bit long, and not so pleasant for the poor Lion Heart. This "episode" not so glorious, was quick forgotten and Jacky quick feeling good again...

After to put down the cage on the floor, Jacky was already exploring his new territory, running after Fendi to smell on him the friendly pheronoms.

The two Sweet Hearts were already accepting them, and were beginning to play like "flying cats" until late in the night ! Jacky was finishing to fall asleep on the bed, together with ... Fendi. A beautiful Love Story is born !
Jacky on the way home!
Jacky - 1st day
Jacky - the magician
Jacky is behind Fendi