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Use the keys "back" and "next" to go back or forward quicker in the different headings of the site.
In some case, there's no "back" or "next" page!
Use the arrow keys in order to confirm your choice in the headings.  
You can click or on the text directly or on the images. Try to click even in the most unexpected places, and you will be surprised.  
Use the cat's head to go back to the main page (welcoming page)!
Most of the icons and text hide a surprise. You just have to pass the mouse on it to discover the little tricks! You can try for example with the "O" icon on the left side of this text.  
Don't hesitate to have a look in the help pages if you are lost or want a detailed explanation!
The help list is basic, and not all is included.
An email is always at your disposal to send a message to Jacky & Effendi!
Please write your email in "Miaow" language.

A clock (on the left side) allow you to keep an eye on the time in order not to forget the lunch time of your own little Tiger!