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He likes:
He likes:
- croquettes
- "wet" food
- all what he can eat (snacks, cooked chicken)

Royal Canin, Iams, Eukanuba, Waltham (diet)
- home-made food (chicken)
- WALTHAM (diet)
- the change (croquettes & "wet" food)

Royal Canin,
He doesn't like:
He doesn't like:
- that the plate is empty!
- Iams !!!
Why "diet" food for Fendi ?
Fendi eats Waltham Diet Food (Sensivity Control & Systemic Support) because it appears that he has a "sensible" stomach, and has allergie with heavy food like Eukanuba ...
Why "diet" food for Jacky ?
Jacky has to much weight for his age (< 1 year old for +4,5 kgs), and needs to control his a little bit his weight especially after the castration.