More than a simple cat, the Abyssinian is definitively THE cat...

with Royal origins, the Abyssinian cat would have first appeared in Egypt --> <--

And would be the oldest "domestic" cat in the World...




Discover the origin region of Abyssinian cats



The exact origins of the Abyssinian, one of the oldest cat breeds, remain a mystery. Perhaps it originated in Ethiopia, formally known as Abyssinia (cf. map). Unfortunately, there is no record of agouti cats in Ethiopia. Nevertheless, since it resembles the sacred cat of Ancient Egypt, legend holds that the Abyssinian was born along the banks of the Nile. In fact, it is said that Ramses II asked the king of Abyssinia for a band of cats to take back to Egypt.

The Abbyssinian is a very active, extroverted, playful cat that is curious about its surroundings and has a well-balanced temperament. This cat has a strong, independent personality, but is social and affectionate. Very gentle and loving, the Aby requires considerable attention, despises solitude, and is devoted exclusively to its owner.

The Aby is talkative, but its voice is very quiet. The exuberance seen in young kittens mellows with age. This athlete and hunter requires exercise, and therefore space. An enclosed yard is highly desirable. Grooming is simple. The Aby requires only weekly brushing and combing.

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The Abyssinian cat has two enormous and unbelievable triangle hears with a round ending. The end of the ears and the top of the head are nuanced with black color. The size of the ears is so huge that you could believe that Abyssinian cats can use them to fly...or listenning better to your conversation.
The Abyssinian has enormous and powerful paws, a little bit bigger than the proportional size of the body during the youth years, also nuanced with black color. "It's to catch better the mouse, my young Child!".
The Abyssinian tail is really long and thin, coloured with wonderful black nuances! The beauty of the tail, is only the reflect of the beauty of Abyssinian cats.
Abyssinian cats have a HUGE & GREAT HEART, they are totally dedicated and loyal as could be a dog! They will know to give you more Love than you could ever expect or wish, and even will nearly act like a glue stick ... unsensitive people, no trepassing!